New shoes. New home. New motivation. #marathonmania

I could get used to Washington running. #washington #marathonmania #nature (at Marymoor Park)

I could get used to running in Washington! #marathonmania #newscenery #washington (at Marymoor Park)

my first run on the Sammamish River Trail ended here! #newscenery #washington #nature #marathonmania (at Marymoor Park)

Weekly Workout 12/22/13-12/28/13

Ahhh! So this post is slightly delayed. I apologize. Starting training again has been a little…

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spending my new year’s eve focusing on myself. #gymflow #instarunners #marathonmania

Another Year, Another Adventure

I figured I would let everyone soak in my last marathon recap before posting about my next running…

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The Route 66 Marathon Recap

Welp, this semester got the best of me, per usual. Blogging didn’t happen, and frankly, neither did…

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26.2 miles in 22 degree weather.. got that medal, though! #route66marathon (ignore my cold weather puffy hands)

more sunrise shots! it was just too beautiful to not post! #runfun #riseandgrind

got to watch the fog roll off the lake and take in the sunrise this morning. #morningrun #riseandgrind

Weekly Workout 8/12/13-8/18/13

Honestly, I’m starting to love the treadmill. The bad news is, with all the students moving back to…

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Weekly Workout 8/5/13-8/11/13

Still on that treadmill grind. I know it’s been beautiful out, and I should probably take the time to go outside and get some fresh air, but I’ve just slowly become a treadmill lover. Call me crazy, but it’s true. Until I get off the tread and into the…

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post workout ugly selfie on the long walk to the car! #getfit #stayugly #runfun